Encrypt a file with .asc public key

27 02 2018

gpg --import file.asc
gpg -se -r "Name of imported public key" file_to_encrypt


Change tab size in xfce 4

8 07 2017

If you use Debian 9 in a small screen with xfce 4, maybe you suffer the big tab size of some desktop elements.

For fix that, create a file under ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css with the following content:

/* reduce padding of tabs */
notebook tab {
min-height: 0;
padding-top: 1px;
padding-bottom: 2px;
/* reduce padding of buttons */
notebook tab button {
min-height: 0;
min-width: 0;
padding: 1px;
margin-top: 1px;
margin-bottom: 2px;

Allow caching when the request have cookies – nginx

16 01 2017

Simply, ignore them. If Nginx sees it, it disables caching:

proxy_ignore_headers "Set-Cookie";
proxy_hide_header "Set-Cookie";

Creating ext4 without journal

10 05 2016

Similar to ext2 but taking advantages of a filesystem desing 15 years later:

mke2fs -t ext4 -O ^has_journal /dev/sdb1

Enable writeback mode. This mode will typically provide the best ext4 performance.

tune2fs -o journal_data_writeback /dev/sdb1

Required fsck

e2fsck -f /dev/sdb1

Check fs options

dumpe2fs /dev/sdb1

Cisco IronPort: Messages in Work Queue growing

21 10 2015

If we see the counter of Messages in Work Queue grow and grow, maybe the problem is related with the antispam, case frequently if the applicance has been swiched off in middle of a antispam upgrade (each 5 minutes).

The error for this case is:
cisco-iron-port> workqueue status
Status as of: Wed Oct 21 15:32:47 2015 CEST
Status: Paused on services: antispam
Messages: 72942

For recreate the database, some post tell us to request a service ticket, but we can try to do directly:

cisco-iron-port> antispamupdate ironport force
Forcing updates for CASE rules.

The process is recreating the database, note that in the ‘Version’ field, the tag is unavailable:
cisco-iron-port> antispamstatus
Component Last Update Version
CASE Core Files Never updated 3.1.0-014
CASE Utilities Never updated 3.1.0-014
Structural Rules Never updated 3.1.0-014-20110519_213708
Web Reputation DB Never updated 20110317_102448
Web Reputation DB Update Never updated 20110317_102448-20110317_102448
Content Rules Never updated unavailable
Content Rules Update Never updated unavailable

After a few minutes, all return to the normally:

cisco-iron-port> workqueue status
Status as of: Wed Oct 21 15:42:03 2015 CEST
Status: Operational
Messages: 73098

More info:

Create LUKS partition

2 09 2015


Desbloquear tarjeta de red wifi

27 03 2013

Para desbloquear la tarjeta de red wifi:

# rfkill unblock all