Debian Stretch 9 issue with vim: copy and paste

20 06 2017

In Debian Stetch 9 there is a new behaviour in vim, the copy and paste with the mouse is unusual and don’t work as the previous versions did. For fix it:

Edit the file (or create it): /etc/vim/vimrc.local with the following content:
runtime! defaults.vim
let g:skip_defaults_vim = 1
set mouse=

More info:

Old solution:

In the file /usr/share/vim/vim80/defaults.vim comment the lines:

" if has('mouse')
" set mouse=a
" endif




3 responses

1 08 2017
Bernd Schatz

for me it works only with

9 11 2017
Christian Bricart
9 11 2017

Thanks Christian! I update the information.

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