Dell Inspiron 1545 upgrade – Enable virtualization in BIOS and change CPU

27 02 2017

The Dell laptop Inspiron 1545 doesn’t have any menu in the BIOS for enable virtualization, but using a tool from Dell allow us to enable it from the operating system.

The tool was called Dell Client Configuration Toolkit – CCTK and was available here:
But they change the name, and now it is called Dell Client Command Suite, and then, Dell Command | Configure. Download it from the following links (maybe they don’t change it again, who knows…):

The latest version of CCTK is now Dell Command | Configure and is a part of the Dell Client Command Suite.

It is possible to do it from linux, in my case a .deb package is available. Download and install it. After, execute the following (search for the binary before):
# cctk --virtualization
# cctk --virtualization=enable

In my case, the CPU is an old Pentium Dual Core T4300 2.10GHz, 800MHz FSB, 1MB cache and I need to change the processor too, this doesn’t have the vmx instruction support. The requirements are:

1. The CPU should be a socket P CPU with 478 pins (P-series processors were more energy efficient than T-series)
2. More or equal than 1MB cache
3. More or equal than 800Mhz FSB, maybe close to 1066Mhz.
4. Core 2 duo preferred, if not, any Celeron ,Celeron Dual-Core or Pentium Dual-Core

For the upgrade, I choose a the Intel Core 2 Duo P9500 SLB4E 2.53Ghz 6M 1066Mhz. It works perfect, the fan is running less time, the temperature is lower and the perfomance is better. Change it if you have the opportunity.

Replacing it was very easy, unlock the bottom cover, unlock 5 screws from the heat pipe and unlock the screw of the CPU (half turn only), remove, mount the new one with some thermal paste and attach the heat pipe and the cover.

More info:




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17 04 2017

Why did you change the virtualization option to upgrade your processor?

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