Debian Jessie hangs ssh on reboot / halt

29 04 2015

Sometimes after reboot or halt a system with Debian Jessie, particularly with systemd, the ssh session didn’t close correctly and hangs. The problem is related with how systemd registers user sessions and control group hierarchy. For solve the it, install libpam-systemd: apt-get install libpam-systemd


– Update 1 – Agust 2016

The bug was fixed in openssh-server

* Add a session cleanup script and a systemd unit file to trigger it,
     which serves to terminate SSH sessions cleanly if systemd doesn't do
     that itself, often because libpam-systemd is not installed (thanks,
     Vivek Das Mohapatra, Tom Hutter, and others; closes: #751636).

Now, updating openssh-server to version 1:7.3p1-1 or higher solve it too.





4 responses

24 11 2015

Great! I will try tonight in my debian based distro for Rasberry Pi. This was driving me crazy and thats because I rolled back to wheezy.

1 12 2015

Pues no, no ha funcionado. 😦

15 01 2016

Worked brilliantly, thanks! Shame on the over-designed systemd.

4 02 2016
Hiroshi Takahashi

Thanks from far east !!

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