OpenVPN y NetworkManager

21 04 2012

This guide requires that you manually insert settings into Network Manager.

First you need to login to your OpenVPN-ALS server and generate the correct cerficiates in separate files. If you don’t have access to the server you may be able to extract these from the default client.ovpn.

1) cd /usr/local/openvpn_as/scripts
2) ./sacli -a ADMIN -o OUTPUT_DIRECTORY –cn COMMON_NAME get5
ADMIN = openvpn access server administrator
-o = directory where you want the certificates stored
–cn = same as username, except for autologin profiles, append “_AUTOLOGIN” to the common name.

Next you need to use the created certificates to configure Network Manager.

3) sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn
4) copy the certificates to a folder on your pc, I used ~/.openvpn
5) Click on Network manager in the panel and choose “VPN Connections –> Configure VPN”
6) click “Add”
7) select “OpenVPN” and click “Create”
8) type in your gateway via name or IP
9) in “type” select “Password with Certificates (TLS)”
10) in “user name” type your openvpn-als login
11) in “Password” type your openvpn-als password
12) in “User Certificate” type in the path for client.crt
13) in “CA Certificate” type in the path for ca.crt
14) in “Private Key” type in the path for client.key
15) click “Advanced”
16) check “Use custom gateway port” and set it to 1194
17) check “Use LZO data compression”
18) click the tab “TLS Authentication”
19) check “Use additional TLS authentication”
20) for “Key File” type in the path for ta.key
21) for “Key Direction” select 1
22) click “OK”
23) click “Apply”
24) click “Close”

You should now be able to connect to your OpenVPN-ALS server.

NOTE: these settings are based on a default OpenVPN-ALS configuration. They may vary if you are not using a default configuration.




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