Plugin for Munin – Monitor Mailman Queue

23 12 2010

Plugin for munin to monitor mailman queue:

# Plugin to monitor mailman queue
# Parameters understood:
# config (required)
# Author: Ricardo F.
#%# family=manual
#%# capabilities=
if [ "$1" = "config" ]; then
echo "graph_title Mailman Queue"
echo "graph_args --base 1000 -l 0"
echo "archive.label Archive"
echo "archive.draw LINE2"
echo "bounces.label Bounces"
echo "bounces.draw LINE2"
echo "commands.label Commands"
echo "commands.draw LINE2"
echo "in.label In"
echo "in.draw LINE2"
echo "news.label News"
echo "news.draw LINE2"
echo "out.label Out"
echo "out.draw LINE2"
echo "retry.label Retry"
echo "retry.draw LINE2"
exit 0
result="archive bounces commands in news out retry"
for i in $result
array[$j]=`find "$dir_mailman/$i" -type f | wc -l`
j=`expr $j + 1`
echo "archive.value ${array[0]}"
echo "bounces.value ${array[1]}"
echo "commands.value ${array[2]}"
echo "in.value ${array[3]}"
echo "news.value ${array[4]}"
echo "out.value ${array[5]}"
echo "retry.value ${array[6]}"
exit 0



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24 01 2012
Plugin for Munin – Monitor Mailman Queue «

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